Moving Tips

  • Line the bottom of each carton with crushed paper to create a cushioning layer to depth of 5 centimeters. Repeat this at the top of each carton
  • Wrap anything breakable in layers of newspaper. For items such as Vases or anything with hollow spaces, place a fair amount of crunched up newspaper inside, this will help prevent breakage.
  • Place heavy items on the bottom and lighter items at the top. (Don’t pack delicates into one large box, the weight of items on the top may crush items on the bottom)
  • Bundle like items, e.g. plates by wrapping the individually, then group together in bundles of no more than six
  • When placing bundles in cartons, remember the long side is the strong side, keeping all items vertical
  • Pack like items together, avoid packing glassware with china etc
  • Pack books into book and wine cartons placing bundles on their edge
  • Items such as Pianos, Pool Tables, Awkward items & Heavy items should be left to the professionals to move. We have the training and expertise to safely move these possessions.

Saving Money

Our moving team will gladly help you disassemble furniture and move items for you. However if you are wanting to save some money and time on moving day, use some of these tips. The important thing to remember is you are hiring out our equipment, expertise and labour, Use it where you have to and take into consideration your physical capabilities and the amount of time you can spare.

  • Disassemble any beds, swings, trampolines or items that cannot be moved without being taken apart
  • Defrost your fridge and or freezer and have emptied and dry ready for collection
  • Unplug and secure all leads to electrical appliances
  • Centralise smaller items into a central location, e.g. carport or living area
  • Bundle garden tools, mops and brooms to minimize the number of journeys the men will need to make to the vehicle
  • Separate any items that you do not require moved and position them away from those being moved by our staff
  • Label packed items as to which room they should be placed on delivery (This is a great money saver as our team can easily identify where items need to be placed without having to constantly consult you. Of course if they are unsure, they will always ask)


7 Days To Go

  • Notify your post office to redirect your mail
  • Arrange Electoral Roll transfer
  • Advise the Taxation Office
  • Contact Bribie Removals to arrange boxes delivered to your door.
  • Start packing small items around the house. Ie. Knickknacks, photos etc.

6 Days To Go

  • Advise motor registry (your licence, motor vehicle registration etc)
  • List essential items you will need on moving day

5 Days To Go

  • Contact your supplier regarding disconnection of your phone and billing. Arrange new number and date of connection required.
  • Organise accounts for gas, water and electricity
  • Ensure continuity of these services at your new address

4 Days To Go

  • Cancel local arrangements, for example, lawn mowing
  • Check with manufacturers whether your washing machine and refrigerator motors need bolting down for transport
  • Clean out medicine cabinet (Keep in a clearly labelled and identifiable box for emergency situations)
  • Empty rubbish bins
  • Do final clear out of garage and unwanted furniture
  • Empty steam iron, toaster, griller etc
  • Dispose of flammables (throw out or give to neighbors)
  • Drain fuel from lawnmower and other machinery
  • Wash and dry laundry
  • Prepare any items requiring dismantling which are being moved, for example, trampolines, garden furniture, modular furniture etc.

1 Day To Go

  • Tighten lids on all jars containing liquids
  • Dismantle TV aerial if transporting this
  • Defrost fridge and freezer and remove food
  • Wash out interior of white goods
  • Separate items that belong to the house, eg, appliance instruction manuals, kitchen items, including roasting dishes and baking trays
  • Disconnect all Hifi and Computer components that will require packing (label cords where necessary)
  • Purchase bottled water ($8-$15 for 12+ bottles from most grocery stores), an esky (if you don’t already have one) and ICE. You will need these on the day of the move


  • Drink plenty of Water throughout the Day, Remember to have something light to eat.
  • You should be just about organised
  • Consider packing a carton with essential things you will need when you arrive, eg, bathroom essentials, toilet paper, and basic kitchenware
  • Carry all valuables, cash and important papers with you
  • Tighten all taps
  • Turn off water heater (Most electric water heaters have a dedicated switch on your main circuit breaker panel)
  • Turn of GAS Cylinders and follow manufacture guidelines to extinguish pilot lights.
  • Check gas, electric switches and lights
  • Lock doors and windows and return house keys
  • Make sure you complete the “walk through” with our Removal Crew prior to their departure to ensure that all goods have been removed

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