07 Sep

Sarah & James – Bribie Island

Sarah and James were getting ready for their wedding and decided before their marriage they would need a place together.
They organised the local bloke who accepted their deposit, didn’t turn up on the day and was no longer contactable by phone.

They managed to get in contact with Bribie Removals managed to get their arrangements back on track.

“Bribie Removals went above and beyond when we called them in absolute desperation, just a week away from our wedding and our lease about to expire we were in a real mess. The guy we had paid a deposit to who promised us a quick and easy move was a no show and wouldn’t answer his phone. As you can imagine, a Bride to be, 7 days out of the wedding and all the stress that involves and this was dumped on us.

Bribie Removals took us on and showed up the next day. We had a bunch of amazing guys who come and moved our 2 lives into one.

I was even able to get out with the girls that morning while they packed up my place to have some girl time.
We went around to the new place after just in time for the unpacking, but I didn’t lift a finger. Except to point to where i wanted things.

Thanks to Bribie Removals we moved, got married and started our life together.”